Abstinence for Breastfeeding Mothers Important to Know

Not only pregnant women who have restrictions, it turns out there are also restrictions for nursing mothers. Abstinence from breastfeeding mothers needs to be considered to prevent the effects of breast milk given to the baby. If abstinence from breastfeeding is not carried out, it can pose risks for both mother and baby. To support a good breastfeeding process and for the smooth flow of breastfeeding, there are some things that breastfeeding mothers need to avoid. Mother's Abstinence from Breastfeeding to Avoid Here are some restrictions on nursing mothers who should be considered and as much as possible avoided: Cigarette Nursing mothers should not smoke because it can cause the baby to be exposed to nicotine. Not only from the smoke released, nicotine is also possible to enter into breast milk. In addition to causing health problems in infants, exposure to secondhand smoke can also increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. The possibility of babies experiencing
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